Why did we choose pre-order?

We announce to you that our biggest project is finally coming to fruition! Our first Eco-responsible collection is available in Pre-order! :)

However, for the final release of this project we will need at least 50 Pre-orders , without this, the collection will not be able to see the light of day.

Don't worry, if the project does not see the light of day, any Pre-Order will be refunded immediately.

Why did we choose pre-order?

♻💚Produce the right quantity

Knowing the number of orders placed allows the brand to produce the appropriate quantity of parts. Suppliers can thus order what they need in terms of raw materials and supplies (buttons, zips, yokes), they also have more time to anticipate and prepare for production.

👉🏻Support slowfashion

Pre-ordering a piece allows you to treat yourself and enrich your wardrobe without feeling guilty because of the advantages mentioned. Promoting innovative initiatives is a way of getting involved as a consumer and citizen and encouraging slowfashion brands in their momentum.

🤸🏻‍♀️ Encourage young committed projects

Pre-ordering is conducive to the launch of young innovative brands because of the financial security it provides. Remember that customers order products that have not yet been made, thus financing the project before its completion.