Sponsoring Verdon Star Raid

Sponsoring Raid des étoiles du Verdon

This year, in June 2021, Marie Louise Paris had the honor of sponsoring a 100% feminine and eco-responsible event, that of the Verdon Star Raid.

We transfer the interview to you in writing:

Can you introduce the Marie-Louise brand in a few words to those who don’t yet know it?

"Marie Louise Paris was born in April 2020. Created by an athlete passionate about sport and bodybuilding, she wanted to exercise this passion through a new environment. But a question arises. How to improve the self-confidence of women through sport ? Well with the clothes they wear!!! When you want to perform at your best, nothing should be able to stop you, least of all your outfit. That's why all the clothes and accessories we create for you aim to help you progress and guarantee you the best results . From there was born Marie Louise Paris, a French name for its French director."

I understand that you have two major projects, can you reveal them to us?

"In this year 2021, project ideas are flowing. How can we have a real impact on the lives of our clients? We want to be able to help you, guide you towards a healthy lifestyle and well-being. To do this, two major projects will see the light of day in 2021.

First of all, we would like to offer you fitness and well-being guide support. For this, we have called on several professional partners of the Marie Louise Paris brand to offer you Newsletters of support and discoveries in several areas such as Pilates, naturopathy, meditation and personal development. In total, 2 programs, the first available upon registration for the Newsletters will unlock 1 month of support and the second, available upon purchase on our online store, will unlock 3 months of support. The day I respond to you is mid-May and I hope that this program will be available mid-June/early July.

Secondly, we hope to release our first eco-responsible collection this summer 2021. We have become aware of our ecological impact. This no longer suited our values ​​and the philosophy of Marie Louise Paris and her clients. To address this problem, we have decided to direct future collections towards eco-responsible materials such as Eco-nylon, recycled polyester, 100% organic cotton and recycled elastane."


Can you explain to us why you wanted to partner with our event? 

“This event corresponded exactly to the values ​​of Marie Louise Paris. This is the first time that our young company has sponsored an event, so we thought that for this first the Verdon, a 100% feminine and eco-responsible event, was ideal.”

Can you describe the Verdon to us in three words (to tempt the participants)?

Out of the ordinary – Complicity – Determination

I understood that as part of the partnership you were going to spoil our participants, can you tell us more?

Absolutely, to reward them, we are going to offer more than €2,000 in vouchers for all participants. In addition, the prizes for the first 6 winning teams will go up to €75 voucher per Person! This is our way of encouraging women to exceed their limits! Remember strength does not come from physical abilities, it comes from an invincible will.

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