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We are delighted to introduce our partner Pilates&Co to you, I advise you to read until the end because a little surprise just for you awaits you 😉✨

We now give the floor to Maryline.
The Pilates&Co adventure began in 2011 in Haute-Savoie, in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, with the desire to create a small studio where clients can discover Pilates in a warm, family atmosphere. Throughout the years, our studio has developed several services while maintaining a passion for teaching. Which, today, is the real driving force of our structure.
Our goal is to convey the well-being of this method, to listen to each client through courses available in several forms.
The Pilates&Co studio offers numerous classes in the form of a 100% online program, and 100% accompanied online and live classes and finally face-to-face classes within our center.
I offer you, every Saturday morning, a 20-minute Pilates class live on Instagram and Facebook.✨
Do not hesitate to join us !!
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Today we have the chance to collaborate with Marie Louise Paris, in order to offer magnificent outfits to our customers and to further expand our community. The quality of Marie Louise Paris' clothing perfectly reflects our work, combining softness and comfort.

We want to spoil you!!

And for this we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of an exceptional 50% off price on our entirely virtual Pilates program!
Pilat'at Home will allow you to follow detailed and caring Pilates sessions at your own pace in order to give you the essentials of Pilates, that is to say breathing, alignment, understanding good back posture . To make at home, whenever you want, and is accessible to all levels!
Discover the program by clicking on the link below 
From Maryline Vindeirinho, your Pilates teacher and partner of Marie Louise Paris

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